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The Haunted Library .... Science Style!

The Science of Halloween

Each year, our science students transform the library into a very scary place!  But it is for a very worthy cause!

The students at our high school participant in so many worthy causes, but our biggest efforts go to raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation.  Each year the teachers in the science department have their students carve pumpkins with a science theme.  Some teachers award extra credit while other teachers require it and give a grade for it.

The library is first decorated with black lights, screaming skeletons, ghosts and ghouls, hands that crawl along the floor, and so much more.  Long tables are set up, science fair style, where each student displays his/her pumpkin.  There are biology pumpkins, chemistry pumpkins, anatomy pumpkins, and well, to be perfectly honest, some pumpkins that we cannot tell where they belong!  :)

Students at the school get to tour the haunted library for $1 and all proceeds go to Make A Wish.  This year, we raised over $700.  Here are some photos from our scary day.

First, a look at our haunted library...

Now, for the pumpkins!

DNA Pumpkin

DNA was very popular!

The brain

Guess who?

The house from the movie "UP"

The chemical symbols ScArDy made a "scaredy cat"

In the womb.... 

In the womb again but with the pregnant woman!



Loved this one!  It was magnesium as it is used in fireworks.


Anaphase of mitosis

Watson and Crick

All in all it was a fun day and served a worthy cause!

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