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Chemistry Chat: A First Day of School Science Lab Icebreaker

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I always try to do something different on the first day of school.  When the students go home at the end of the first day, I want to be the teacher the kids go home and talk about. Last school year, I developed an activity called "Science Chat" for my biology students.  It was a huge success, and I plan on using it again this year.  A few days ago, I polished it up and posted it to my store.

Nothing could have prepared me for the overwhelming response this product has received!  I have had a mountain of messages asking if I had a similar product for chemistry and physical science students.  In response, I have developed "Chemistry Chat."

Now, before speaking any more about Chemistry Chat, let me suggest that you read my previous blog post on Science Chat.  The details of the activity - the purpose, how it works, what the students are doing - are all included in the previous blog post.  Some of you have already read that post, and I don't want to bore you by repeating myself.

The gist of the activity is that students will rotate through 10 different lab stations designed for physical science and chemistry students.  At each station, the students will be completing a science task, but just as important, the students will have to answer icebreaker questions in order to get to know their classmates.

What topics are covered  at each lab station?
Station 1:  Chemical and Physical Properties
Station 2:  Graphing
Station 3:  Metals and Nonmetals
Station 4:  Periodic Table
Station 5:  Lab Equipment
Station 6:  Laboratory Safety
Station 7:  Making Observations,  Forming a Hypothesis
Station 8:  Metric Scavenger Hunt
Station 9:  Chemistry Prefixes and Suffixes
Station 10:  Chemical Symbols

These photos will give you a better idea of what is involved in the activity:

In my neck of the woods, schools are back in session next week.  Others of you have until after Labor Day.  Whenever you return, I hope that you have a fantastic school year.

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