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DNA and RNA and Protein Synthesis: Warm Ups or Interactive Notebooks

There are so many possibilities for these interactive pages!

The concepts involved in a unit on DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis are difficult and complex. Although this is one of my most favorite topics to teach, I fully realize that some of my students will struggle and will have a hard time "visualizing" the information.

I began "dabbling" with the use of warm ups / bell ringers / interactive notebook pages at the end of last school year.  I was pleased with the results, but wished I had started my students on this path from the start of the school year.  So this year, I did.  I love the flexibility of the different ways they can be used:  Interactive notebooks, warm ups, bell ringers, exit slips, homework assignments, or short daily quizzes.

This set on DNA and RNA is actually the 5th set of these activity pages that I have completed. If interested, here are the previous blog posts on the other 4 sets:
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I ended up with 35 student pages in this set on DNA and RNA.  They have a really good range in difficulty.  When taken in order, the first few pages are very basic, and they increase in complexity as you move through the entire set. Teachers of middle school students will find plenty of pages that are suitable for their students, and the high school teachers will find the advanced topics they need to move their students to a higher level.

The 35 pages have a good mix of question types.  Some pages require drawing, while others require more problem solving and critical thinking skills.  But the key element of every page is reinforcement and review of the concepts and details of protein synthesis.

Below you will find the titles of the 35 pages included in this product.

DNA and Replication Titles (14 pages):
·    The Early Experiments
·    The Basics of DNA Structure
·    Nucleotides
·    DNA: Label It!
·    Complete the Drawing
·    Can You Draw It?
·    DNA Structure
·    DNA Replication
·    A Detailed Look At Replication
·    Proofreading the DNA
·    Repairing the Damage
·    The Genetic Code
·    Deciphering the Code
·    Thinking Critically About DNA

RNA and Transcription Titles (8 pages):
·    Differences Between DNA and RNA
·    RNA: The Big Picture
·    Types of RNA
·    Overview of Transcription
·    Steps to Transcription
·    Transcription: Complete It!
·    RNA Processing and Editing
·    The Genetic Code

Translation and Protein Synthesis Titles (5 pages):
·    Overview of Protein Synthesis
·    Translating the Code
·    Translating the Code 2
·    Mutations
·    Mutations 2

Gene Expression Titles (3 pages):
·    Gene Expression in Prokaryotes
·    Gene Expression in Eukaryotes
·    Cancer

Genetic Engineering Titles (5 pages):
·    Changing the Living World
·    Manipulating DNA
·    Cell Transformation
·    Transgenic Organisms

·    Thinking Critically About Genetic Engineering

These are fantastic for your interactive notebooks.  

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  I hope you are having a wonderful school year!

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