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Genetics Complete Unit Plan Bundle

Everything you need (and more!) to teach this unit!

It is no surprise to anyone who knows me that Gregor Mendel is my favorite scientist and I love teaching genetics to my biology students.  Who wouldn't? Students love learning about genetics, which makes teaching genetics wonderful.   

Interested Students + Lots of Awesome Questions = FUN TEACHING!
This was one of the first unit plan bundles that I posted in my store. It contains everything you need to teach this unit to a biology class... A PowerPoint, notes for teacher and student, 3 labs, 7 practice problem worksheets, 5 quizzes, a review game, a crossword, and a unit test. I have learned a lot since those early days, and the facelift on this bundle has just been completed. Graphics have been improved, a few typos have been corrected, and more complete answer keys have been added. This bundle has received such great feedback, and I am most appreciative to all who have purchased it. Be sure to go back to TpT and download the new version. It is a free download to those who have previously purchased it. 

Feedback:  "This has great resources and it is amazingly interactive."

Feedback:  "It's always great to get new ideas and problems for students to do."

Feedback:  "This lesson plan bundle deserves an helpful when teaching students about gentics!!"

Feedback:  "This material was excellent. It saved me time and covered everything I needed to cover for my mid term exam."

Feedback:  "Very organized and sequential. A great resource."

"I cannot tell you enough that your Complete Units are Wonderful!! I am in my first full year of teaching and it has given me ample opportunity to focus on my students abilities rather than being stressed. Thank you so much!"

Click here to view my Genetics Complete Unit Plan Bundle.