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Paul Rossi: Wildlife Photographer

The Amazing Photography of my Friend and Neighbor, Paul Rossi

Few places in this world can be both majestic and ethereal at the same time.  I have had the good fortune of getting to visit one such place every summer for the past 50 years.  As unspoiled and commercial free as any place we have left, I imagine this slice of our country to be much like Yellowstone or Yosemite before the crowds. Where is this place?  The eastern upper peninsula of Michigan (EUP)!

I can't believe the north shore of Lake Huron is much different today than it was a hundred years ago when my family first homesteaded in the area.  Sure, getting around was much more difficult since with no Mackinac Bridge, everyone had to take a ferry or a boat through the straits.  Still, the lake, forests and wildlife were surely much the same.  For that reason, I have trekked to the EUP as often as I could.  The one downside to this scenario is that eventually I have to come home.

When I was a child visiting the lake one summer, I became friends with another child by the name of Paul Rossi.  Years later, Paul and I have rekindled that friendship and, in so doing, he has done much to relieve that one downside (coming home) by allowing me to take a little of the magic of this place with me when I leave.  

Paul, a professional wildlife photographer, has authored a book entitled "Beautiful Birds of the Michigan's Eastern Upper Peninsula". He has not only captured the beauty, behavior and color of the birds of this region, he has also captured the natural harmony and symbiosis of the entire area.  

A few of my very favorite photos are seen below.

In Paul's own words, "Studying birds can require work, patience, and research, but it is rewarding.  The practice from doing this, or any activity in which you observe and learn from nature, transfers to other activities such as finding other animals, beautiful rare wildflowers, wild edible plants, berries, mushrooms, etc.  I hope to inspire people to responsibly enjoy and live in harmony with nature at some level because it is an innate part of being human.  We are genetically programmed to derive satisfaction from doing this because our ancestors did this for thousands of years in order to survive."

These stunning photographs can be found in Paul's newly published book, "Beautiful Birds of Michigan's Easter Upper Peninsula."  This link will take you to Paul's website where you can view more images and download an order form for this incredible book.

In addition, Paul has a second web site, Paul Rossi Birds, where you can view (and purchase!) individual prints.  I will be having a few of these framed for myself ... If I can ever decide which ones I want!

Click the above image to view Paul's prints at his website "Paul Rossi Birds."