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The Ramblings of a Veteran Teacher

Just recently I learned what a "blog" is.  I had heard the word bounced around from time to time, but just pretty much ignored it because it didn't seem like something that was worth my time.  I am a newcomer to facebook as well.  My teenage daughter, mustering all the patience she possibly could, showed me how to set up my facebook page.  She can't imagine life without facebook;  I can't imagine life with facebook.  She doesn't have a blog, but it only took her about 5 minutes to teach me how to set up my blog.  You gotta love the way kids jump right in to any new technology and completely master it in minutes.  If only it were so easy to teach them biology and chemistry!!

So what does this veteran teacher have to blog about?    LOTS!

I have a wealth of wonderful, fun and exciting ways to teach biology and chemistry.  I can look at a potential lab and immediately know which parts of it will work and which parts are best re-written.  I have labs, worksheets, powerpoints, videos, projects, a deep knowledge of my subject.....but most of all, I have a love for kids, and I am a science nerd.  I want my students to learn a lot of biology, but more important than that, I want my students to learn to LOVE biology.  It is just the neatest subject in the world!!  I want to instill in my students the same excitement for biology and chemistry that I have.

What will be the purpose of this blog?  I have things to share.  I have great ideas.  I have wonderful teaching strategies.  I have failures.  I have stress.  I have students who love biology so much they become scientists.  I have students who hate it so much they never take another science class.  My plan is to use this space to share the good times and the bad.  So let's begin.....

Here is a link to a worksheet that I just put together for my standard level Biology I class.  The worksheet provides practice on working simple monohybrid genetics problems.  I have just learned that even my high school students love clip art!  They found this worksheet fun.  I found that it did a great job reinforcing simple genetics concepts.  You can download the worksheet for free by clicking on this link:   Monohybrid Mice!