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Book Review and Giveaway: "Awesome Physics Experiments for Kids"

It's not often that I do a product review.  And since you are now reading a product review, that should tell you that I am super-excited about this product!  Erica Colon ( has written a fabulous set of experiments for young budding scientists, ages 10 to 13.  But this is more than just another science experiment book.  This is a book for parents and for families, and also a fantastic resource for science teachers.

Let's start with parents and families.  All of the experiments in this book can be carried out with simple materials, and anyone can do them!  No science background is required because Erica has included every single thing you need.  Here's what you'll find with each experiment:

  • Title
  • Problem or Question
  • Level of Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Difficult)
  • Time Suggestion
  • Materials List
  • The Steps
  • Now Try This!
  • The Hows and Whys
All parents will be able to do these experiments with their kids.  The procedural steps are clear and concise, and the final section is a life-saver if your background is not in science.  "The Hows and Whys" section will ensure that you can discuss these concepts with your children.

Now, let me speak to science teachers:  While these experiments were written for children of ages 10 to 13, these activities can easily be used as experiments and/or demonstrations from middle school classes up through high school physics classes.  What a relief to find activities that don't require expensive lab equipment!  And, if you love stem challenges, this book is perfect for you! And one more thing:  The activities are aligned with NGSS standards.

Here's a sample experiment that you can start using right away:

In addition to 40 super science experiments, Erica has included a Glossary of terms, Measurement conversions, Resources for kids, Resources for teachers, Blank tables and graphing grids, and an Index.

The book is being released through Amazon.  Click this link to view on Amazon.