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Science Wear: Fun Classroom Activity!

Are you looking for something different (and fun!) for your science classes?  Well, look no further.  Science Wear is an affordable alternative to traditional classroom activities.

What exactly is Science Wear?  
Science Wear is a "hand-on, wearable science project."  Students are given the materials and the instructions on how to design and paint their very own t-shirt, apron or lab coat.  The shirts, aprons and lab coats come preprinted with an outline of the design.  Students paint, embellish, and label the structures on their shirt.

What are the benefits?
This is a fantastic way to reinforce the science skills that we teach every day in our classes.  The hands-on nature of the project is perfect for the visual learners.  Students get excited about science and love to wear their shirts at school.  (Just don't let them wear them on test day!)

Outside of the classroom, Science Wear is perfect for science club meetings, STEM clubs, birthday parties, and working on badges for scouting.  Kids learning while having fun ... Win-Win!

How can I learn more?
Check out the Science Wear website.  Jody Hodges (owner of Science Wear) has really outstanding "how-to" videos on YouTube.  You can also find her on Facebook and Pinterest.


  1. Amy, Is there a way for me to share this post? :-)

    1. Hi Jody! Yes! Check out the social media icons located just below my signature in the blog post!