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Man -vs- Squirrel (The squirrel wins!)

I love nature and wildlife of all shapes and sizes, but this pesky little squirrel is just about to get on my last nerve!

This has been an ongoing problem.  I really love my bird feeders.  We sit at our kitchen table for every meal and watch the birds out of the large windows that overlook our deck.  The hummingbirds are my favorite.  I have two hummingbird feeders and a nesting pair lives in the tree in the background.

My dear, sweet husband bought this feeder pole system for me to help with the squirrel problem.  It is a single (very skinny) pole that has 4 separate hangers at the top.  It is SUPPOSED to be SQUIRREL-PROOF!  At least, that is what it said on the box!

I do love the squirrels.  They have their own feeding station down by the pond.  I put out corn and sunflower seeds for them.  Why do they have to be so naughty when I provide them with their own separate dining room?

Look at the poor birds on top of the pole.  They are thinking, "Are those squirrels going to leave anything for us?"

Well...... In the battle of man versus squirrel, the squirrel has won.  I am off to Wal-Mart.  I am going to buy a very large can of Crisco Shortening, and I am gonna GREASE that pole.  Let's see if the squirrel can navigate that!  I'll keep you informed!

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