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Measurement Madness! (Reinforcement for Metric Ruler and Metric Conversions)

(Reinforcement Using a Metric Ruler and Completing Metric Conversions)

Last week, two things happened that were the inspiration for this new product:  (1) I had to be absent and knew that I would have a sub in my room.  I needed a good assignment to leave for my students to complete in my absence, and (2) I was shocked to discover that some of my HIGH SCHOOL students still had difficulty using a metric ruler properly and converting from one unit to another.

The worksheet begins.....

Students make observations about their ruler.
Students must draw lines of a give length.
Students must measure the lines that are already drawn on the worksheet.

Page 2.....

Students use a ruler to measure the sides of a 2-dimensional object.
Students determine the area of the figure in both centimeters and millimeters.

Page 3....

Students us a ruler to measure the sides of a 3-dimensional object.
Students determine the volume of the figure in both centimeters and millimeters.
Students complete practice problems on converting from one metric unit to another metric unit using the process of dimensional analysis.

Page 4 .....

I want my students to understand how important the metric system is to their lives and to realize that the metric system is much easier to use than our archaic English system of measurement.

I wrote a few paragraphs about really cool animal facts.  Each paragraph contains statistics about the animal that have to be converted to another system of measurement.  If the stats are in feet, the student will convert them to centimeters, and vice-versa.  My kids LOVED the pictures I included.

Page 5......

This page contains more animal fact/conversion paragraphs, as well as a few follow up questions.

This product also comes with a 3 page answer key.

This is suitable for grades 7 - 10.  I feel like it went a long way in reinforcing some critical science and math skills.  
Happy Teaching!!

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  1. Hi, great to see a blog on science!!! I am your newest follower, hopping from BSN