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"Words to Live By" from Famous Scientists

These famous scientists teach us about life as well as about science.


We teach about the work of famous scientists all the time in our classes.  If you take one of my classes, then it is a given that you know that Jonas Salk developed a life-saving polio vaccine, that Stephen Hawking changed the way we think about our universe, that Jane Goodall works tirelessly on behalf of her beloved chimpanzees, and that nothing makes sense in a biology class without the work of Charles Darwin.   These people made (and make) tremendous contributions to various fields of study, but they also have a "human" side.  They teach us not only about science, but about human nature, about the value of hard work, about tolerance and acceptance, and about the importance of perseverance, never giving up, and never losing hope.

Click image to download free mini-posters.
With this in mind, I have developed a set of classroom mini-posters highlighting quotes from scientists that offer words of wisdom.  This is a "forever free" product in my TeachersPayTeachers store.  All of the mini-posters print out on 8.5 x 11 sized paper.  They can be quickly laminated and used to make a bulletin board or wall display.  As our students sit in our classes and look about the room, hopefully their eyes will land on one of these posters and provide them with the inspiration to succeed and overcome the hurdles of life.

So, what's up with the hashtags?  I am honored to join a large group of teacher-authors on TpT in this hashtag event to provide lots and lots of free classroom materials for all subjects and grade levels.  The idea is to provide a wealth of free materials that teach and reinforce character, kindness, tolerance, anti-bullying, empathy, inclusion, and equality for all.  Let's face it ... 2016 was a very difficult year for our nation.  Regardless of your beliefs, opinions or convictions, teachers need materials to bring out the best in our students.  This hashtag event will offer "forever free" materials that are not political in nature, but rather offer quality life lessons.

Here is a sample of the mini-posters.

Be sure to search on TpT, Facebook, and Instagram for these hashtags:  #KindnessNation and #WeHoldTheseTruths.  

This blog post is part of the Secondary Smorgasbord Blog Hop event.  As always, thanks to Darlene Anne Curran (The ELA Buffet) and Pamela Kranz (Desktop Learning Adventures) for hosting this event!  


  1. Love your idea for using quotes in your science classes! The great words of those who came before us can help to effectively lead us into the future!

  2. I remember sitting in my high school English class and reading the quotes on the wall. I memorized them all--Thank you for providing this! It's a great resource!

  3. Love that you've combined literacy with science - such great quotes and so awesome for students to think about the contribution these people made to the world above and beyond their science.

  4. What a wonderful collection of quotes, Amy Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a great resource. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I absolutely love these posters, Amy! They look amazing and contain a wonderful array of motivational quotes! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Thank you! I absolutely love the quote from Jane Goodall. I plan to post it in my classroom.

  8. WHat a great resource! Thank you for sharing these quotes. I especially love that some are from women!

  9. I love sharing quotes from famous people with my students! It helps them see that it's not just their teacher who thinks these things are important. :)

  10. You've selected some interesting images and paired them up with quotes that fit them perfectly! I love being able to share snippets of wisdom with my students, and these posters are ideal for that. Thanks so much!

  11. I'm very happy to see scientists promoted in a quotation resource like this. Considering the contributions they make to better the world, scientists deserve all the recognition possible. Thank you!