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Graphing, Scientific Method, and Data Analysis Practice

Click image to download this free product.

Great review for a vital skill.
And it's free.

Critical thinking, problem solving, and data analysis.  These are terms we hear all the time as teachers of science.  Let's get right to the point: We cannot stress these skills enough in our classes.  We must teach our science students to be great thinkers and problem solvers!  Activities that provide practice in the skills of science should be used often in our classes, and not just at the beginning of the school year.  Set aside some time in your class throughout the year to review, reinforce and practice important science skills.

Add this free activity on graphing and data analysis to your teaching arsenal. The activity covers many important skills:  Informational text reading, data tables, graphing data, the scientific method, and data analysis.  The students will graph the data that is given in the reading, and complete a page of thought provoking questions about the data.

This activity is timeless.  I love that I can use this activity at the beginning of the school year to teach scientific graphing, but I can also use it at the end of the year for preparation for end of course testing.


  1. Replies
    1. You are so welcome. Good luck with the home schooling!

  2. Awesome! I'm pinning your post to a few boards to share it with other teachers. Thank you!

  3. Strengthening students' critical thinking and analysis skills are two of my favorite teaching goals. These are terrific!


  4. Strengthening students' critical thinking and analysis skills are two of my favorite teaching goals. These are terrific!


  5. I love this! We can't stress enough that data analysis is an important part of math and science and creates thinking individuals! Awesome!

  6. Great resource! Love the thought provoking questions which entice students to dig into the meaning (and the uncertainty) in data. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for sharing! Love the resource!

  8. Yes, critical thinking and problem solving are important skills to teach in every class! This is a wonderful treat!

  9. Graphing and data analysis are so important for secondary students. Thank you for sharing such an amazing resource!

  10. Amy, this is wonderful. I teach ELA, but I do include graphing in the academic intervention curriculum. It's such an important skill! Thank you so much for this wonderful free resource!

  11. Data analysis is such an important skill! I try to incorporate it into my class to analyze our own data on grades. Thanks!

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle