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New FREE Item: Chart of Amino Acids and Codons

If you are a biology or life science teacher, I believe that you will be able to use this!

As you know, there are 20 amino acids that are used to build all the various proteins in living systems.  When teaching about protein synthesis, I like to have my students work out this process.  I give them the DNA sequence of a particular gene, and ask them to determine the mRNA sequence, the tRNA sequence, and the amino acid sequence of the protein.  In order to determine the amino acid sequence, the students need a chart in order to look up the mRNA codons.

I have used this chart for some time and I like it best of all the ones I have used.

Here is a link to this FREE product:  Chart of Codons and Amino Acids.  I hope that you find this "freebie" useful.

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