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Discovery Education

I have spent the first part of this morning looking at the Discovery Education web site.  If you have never seen this site, and you teach school, you should head there right now!  It has free lessons and teaching materials for all subject areas and all grade levels.  Of course, I spent my time perusing the science section for grades 6 - 8 and 9 - 12.

Each lesson includes the following:  Objectives, Materials, Procedures, Discussion Questions, Evaluation, Extensions, Suggested Readings, Links, Vocabulary, and Standards.  Wow!!  Everything the teacher needs!

Here are some of the lessons I really liked for middle school students:

Robots:  The lesson centers around how robots will improve life for humans, especially those that have disabilities.

Transition Metals:  Students will identify and describe transition metals, discuss alloys and their benefits, and research one common alloy, its composition, properties, and uses.

Here are some of the lessons I really liked for high school students:
Underwater Forensics:  Students will discover how a team of scientists uncover the facts about a shipwreck, describe the roles of scientists and technicians on an underwater forensics team,  research a shipwreck, and demonstrate understanding of why such incidents occur.

Galileo's Dialogue:  Students will understand the following:

Galileo's conclusions about the position of Earth in the solar system raised objections from the Church.
Galileo lived at the beginning of a period in which scientific inquiry flourished.
As you can see, there are some really great activities on this site.  I hope you will find some useful lessons for your particular teaching situation.  Happy Teaching!!

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