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Science Calendars: Important Dates in Science History

Did You Know??

July 1, 1796:  First smallpox vaccination by Edward Jenner.

July 20, 1969: Neil Armstrong walks on the moon.

May 5, 1963: First human liver transplant.

May 26, 1676: Leeuwenhoek observed his "tiny animalcules."

Kids and adults alike love science fun facts!  These science calendars will provide a fun science fact for each day of the year, as well as provide a cool bulletin board or wall display.

Click images to view product.

My students really enjoy reading the science fact of the day, and it has sparked some great questions and conversations in my classroom.

You can print these calendars for your bulletin board, or post them in the hallway outside of your room for a cool wall display.  Or you can simply write the science fact of the day on the chalkboard.

However you decide to use them, they are interesting, students will learn some new things, and well.....they are just fun!!

The calendars run from July through the following June.  I update the calendars each year.  Once purchased, you simply download the new versions each year.

Start your class period with a couple of minutes of "science fact fun" to set the stage for a great class period.

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