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Secondary Teacher Labor Day Blog Hop

What will you be doing on Labor Day?

Teachers in my district are in their 4th week of school already.  It is time for a break!  I am teaming up with a fantastic group of middle and high school teachers to participate in the Labor Day Labor Saving Products for Teachers blog hop.   Here is the idea behind this secondary blog hop.  We want you to have a restful Labor Day, so each of us is featuring a "no prep required" product or lesson.  We have already done the work so you don't have to!

My friend, Tammy of Teaching FSL, made the button above.  She is Canadian, thus the spelling of "labour."

I debated what product to feature.  I finally decided that I could not choose just one product.  So I have decided to feature one free product and one paid product.  Let's go with the freebie first.  

I would think that almost every science teacher will mention the scientific method during the first week of their class.  

Be sure to grab my FREE Scientific Method PowerPoint.  It has 26 slides and comes with a set of notes for the teacher, and an outline for the student.  The student will fill in the outline as the lesson is being taught.  This lesson goes behind just listing the steps to the scientific method. Students will be taught how to practice and apply the scientific method to a question or problem.

It doesn't get more labor-saving than this!  Simply download this freebie, print the handouts, and you are all set to go.

Another labor-saving product that I would like to feature is my Cell Organelle Mix-Match Game.  It comes with 25 organelle cards and 112 answer/description cards.  Students have to match up the answers to the correct organelle.

The beauty of this product is that it can be used with a WIDE variety of grade levels and ability levels.  The answer cards range in difficulty from easy to hard.  You simply select the answer cards that are best suited for your students.  This game can be used with beginning life science students all the way to AP biology students.

You can be ready to use this with your class in a matter of minutes.  Simply print, cut, laminate (if you want to be fancy!), and distribute to your class. The kids will love it and you will love how much they learn!
Happy Labor Day!


  1. This is great! Every science teacher has to cover the scientific method at some point & how generous of you to make your PowerPoint on that topic available for free! Personally, as a teacher, I love mix & match type activities to teach, review or check understanding of a concept. Thanks for linking up & helping some teachers out there breath a little easier this week!

    Tammy @ Teaching FSL

  2. Hi Amy,
    I used to teach the scientific method in my English class (indirectly as a unit on note-taking), and this product would have been so helpful to me! It looks wonderful, and I will pass it on to the science teacher on my team! Thank you!