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Our Alaska Trip - First Stop Fairbanks!

We have just returned home from the trip of a lifetime.  After much scrimping and saving for several years, we took our family on a trip to Alaska!  I promise not to bore you with all the details, but this is a summer slump of a time to try to post about biology teaching.  Since there is A LOT of biology going on in Alaska, I thought I would try to share a bit of it with you.

First stop.....Fairbanks!!

The Riverboat Discovery tour took us on a river cruise aboard a sternwheeler.  We cruised up the Chena River to the point where it meets the Tawana River.  The Tawana River is the largest glacial fed river.

The Tiwana river is carrying silt from the glacial runoff.

Along the way, we stopped at a replica of an Athabascan Indian Village.  It provided a wonderful insight into their traditions and customs.

These animal pelts allow for survival during the bitter cold winter months when the temperatures can reach 40 - 50 degrees below zero.  This photo shows the pelts of timber wolves, lynxes, ermines, minks, muskrats and wolverines.

From left to right:  caribou, moose, grizzly.

Domesticated reindeer!

Salmon being smoked for a winter food source.

Another highlight of Fairbanks was the Gold Dredge 8 tour.  I was very excited to see the Alaskan Pipeline.

Panning for gold.....

Between four family members, we netted a total of $72 in gold flakes.

Next stop......Denali National Park!

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