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Microscope Task Cards are Here!

Great for review, reinforcement, or a lab practice style quiz!

I have been reading about task cards for quite some time.  I thought the idea was educationally sound, but I felt that the use of task cards would be a bit too elementary for my students.  I know I am really late to the game, but I finally decided to give them a try!  And boy, am I glad I decided to give them a try!

I have just completed my second set of task cards.  The first set was on the scientific method and this set is on the microscope and it's use.  I used both sets for reviewing for our state-mandated End of Course (EOC) test in Biology.  I came away thrilled with the outcome, and excited at the way my students responded to the use of these task cards.

I have just recently posted about task cards and the many different ways they can be used.  For fear of making this blog post sound like a broken record (I think I just showed my age with that reference!), you might want to click on this link and read my earlier blog post on task cards.

These microscope task cards are my newest addition to my teaching arsenal.  I set them up in lab practical style, and had the students rotate around the room until all stations had been completed.  This was a great idea since we are at the end of our school year.  The students were tired and antsy, and the movement around the room was good for them.

The set has 41 different task cards.

The following topics are covered:

Here is a view of 2 of the 41 task cards:

It comes with an answer sheet for the students.....

.....and a complete answer key for the teacher.

This is definitely a teaching tool that I will continue to use and develop.

For those of you who are out of school now, have a great summer!!

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