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Bullfrogs Anyone?

Last night we took a walk during the long twilight that occurs here.  It doesn’t get completely dark until around 10:30 pm.  During our nighttime walk we always head toward a spot that we call “the cove”.  We arrived at the cove just in time for the bullfrogs!  It was still light enough to see them, but getting dark enough for them to start becoming very active.  

They have great camouflage!  Can you spot the frog in the picture to the right?

The chorus of frog songs almost becomes deafening.  And although the frogs all look very similar , it is easy to tell that there are several different species present by the different sounds they produce.

Our log cabin has no internet access, no telephones, no cable TV.  (I am currently in a tiny little library about 20 miles from the cabin.) I always worry that to a 16 year old daughter, the lack of Facebook will be too much to bear.  I should know her well enough by now to know that my fears are unwarranted.

She love nature almost as much as I do.  Watching her trying to catch bullfrogs in the cove…….Priceless!!!

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