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The Atoms Family: Teaching About Atoms and Energy With a Monster Theme

This site makes learning about atoms, molecules and energy fun!

I recently came across this site while surfing the net for some new and fun science activities.  It is called "The Atoms Family", which I found amusing.  It is a spoof on the old television show called "The Adam's Family."  Don't worry, there is nothing scary on this site.....just a lot a really, really fun science activities and experiments.  It is based on The Atoms Family exhibit at the Miami Science Museum.

The stie is divided into these five general areas:

  1. The Mummy's Tomb:  Learn about energy conservation, kinetic, and potential energy.
  2. Dracula's Library:  Learn about the properties of light, waves, and particles.
  3. Frankenstein's Lightening Laboratory:  Learn about different forms of electricity and electrical safety.
  4. The Phantom's Portrait Parlor:  Learn about the principles of atoms and matter.
  5. The Wolfman's Ghostly Graveyard:  Learn about fuel conservation and energy transfer.
Each of the above areas offers several activities to choose from based on the age of the child.  Some activities are aimed at younger elementary children, while others are more suitable for middle school children.  These activities can be carried out in a school classroom, or easily done at home.  All of the activities can be done with simple, easy to find materials.

Some of my favorite activities included:
  • Making a Christmas light shine using a lemon
  • A paper cutting activity that demonstrates the size of an atom
  • Building a marble racetrack to show the differences in potential and kinetic energy.
All in all, I found this site to be both fun and educational!

Happy Teaching!

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