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Another FREEBIE! Cellular Respiration Word Game Review

Great review with a secret message!

This is a FREE download!  Click red text below to receive your free copy of this worksheet:

Currently, our Biology I classes are covering cellular respiration. This may seem odd to many of you.  Who waits until the end of February to teach cellular respiration?  The answer to this question:  Those of us who teach on a trimester system! Teaching on a trimester system is the topic of a whole different blog article!! We are currently teaching cell respiration to students who began their biology course at the beginning of the second trimester.

Cellular respiration is one of the hardest topics a biology teacher has to teach during their course.  Its very abstract nature makes it particularly hard for many students to comprehend.  In my experience, the best approach is to provide as many opportunities as possible for the students to review and work with the information.  To give my students some extra review on the vocabulary words used in this unit,  I wrote this short review worksheet.

The printable lesson is perfect for traditional classroom settings, and the paperless, digital Google Apps version is perfect for distance learning and 1:1 classrooms. 

On the left side of the worksheet, a definition is given.  The student must write the correct term in the spaces to the right.  There are 28 vocabulary words used on this review worksheet.  The vocab words are:  pyruvic acid, protons, glucose, aerobic, matrix, adenosine triphosphate, ATP synthase, water, adenine, respiration, oxygen, lactic acid, Kreb's cycle, alcoholic, phosphate, glycolysis, citric acid, NADH, electron transport chain, cristae, mitochondria, carbon dioxide, fermentation, cytoplasm, thirty eight, anaerobic, ribose, and acetate.

The boxed in letters will spell out a secret message.  The students record these letters in the blanks at the end of the worksheet to reveal the hidden message.   WARNING:  Make sure you read the hidden message before you pass out this worksheet.  It involves the giving of extra credit points on the test!  This is such a hard concept for so many students that I am happy to offer them some extra credit points if they complete this review worksheet.

This is just one of several types of review I do for this topic.  I am happy to share this vocabulary worksheet with you.  I hope you find it useful.

Happy Teaching!!

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