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On this page you will find a preview of what I have to offer in my store.  I offer a wide variety of product types that cover many different topics in biology and chemistry. All of my materials are suitable for high school grades 9-12, and most are suitable for middle school grades as well.  I sell PowerPoints, labs, review and study guides, task cards, quizzes, worksheets, homework assignments, unit tests, and more.

(All pictures below are clickable links.)

By far my best sellers, these "Complete Unit Plan Bundles" include everything you need to teach a particular topic to your students.  Each unit includes a teaching PowerPoint, lecture notes for the teacher, an outline of the notes for the student to fill as the lesson is being taught, labs, homework assignments, study guides, quizzes, crossword puzzles and a unit test.  Many units have additional materials such as task cards and review games. All of these units are sold as digital downloads.  The following titles are currently available.

Biology Full Year Curriculum

Full Year Warm Ups and INB's

Biology Buzzwords Review Games


DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis

Lab Safety


Cell Structure and Function

Enzymes and Chemical Reactions

The Microscope

Introduction to Biology

Classification and Taxonomy

Cellular Respiration


Mitosis and Meiosis

Viruses and Bacteria

15 Must-Do Biology Labs

Scientific Notation

Metric System

CCell Physiology Mega Bundle

Matter and Change


Science Skills Bundle

Intro to Ecology

Population Ecology

Community Ecology

Intro to Plant Kingdom

Significant Digits

Are you into Science Interactive Notebooking?
You will not be disappointed with the interactive notebook sets you see below.  I use these every single day in my classroom, and they are not just for interactive notebooks!  I use them for warm ups, bell ringers, exit slips, homework work assignments, small group work, short daily quizzes, and tutoring.  A completed "warm up notebook" makes the perfect study tool for the semester exam!

Warm Ups: Cells, Ecology, Genetics, DNA, Evolution

Warm Ups: Viruses, Fungi, Protists, Plants

Warm Ups: The Animal Kingdom

Warm Ups: Human Body Bundle

Are you implementing the Common Core State Standards into your science classes?  The following products are designed to help you incorporate the Science and Technical Subject standards into your teaching.  Each bundle provides the tools you need to teach the reading of informational text.  Each bundle contains a set of 20 graphic organizers, a set of 75 task cards, a set of mini posters displaying the Science and Technical standards, and a set of teacher checklists for monitoring the instruction and mastery of each standard.

Common Core Bundle Grades 6 to 8

Common Core Bundle Grades 9 and 10

Common Core Bundle Grades 11 and 12

Task cards are a really fun way to reinforce and review particular topics, and are extremely versatile.  They can be used in a "lab practical" style with students rotating through the stations, or can be used in small group settings.  They are perfect for early finishers and for students requiring extra reinforcement.

Classification and Taxonomy Task Cards

Scientific Method Task Cards

Informational Text Task Cards

Microscope Task Cards

Cell Organelle Mix Match Game

Metric Measurement Task Cards

Matter and Change Task Cards

Periodic Table of the Lost Civilization

Lab Clean Up Task Cards

Photosynthesis Task Cards

Respiration Task Cards

Kingdoms of Life Mix Match

Biochemistry Mix Match

Evolution Task Cards

Viruses and Bacteria Task Cards

Solar System Boom Cards

Scientific Method Boom Cards

Microscope Boom Cards

Ecology Task Cards

Population Ecology Task Cards

Invertebrate Phyla Mix Match

Atomic Structure Task Cards

A little bit of this and a little bit of that....

Important Dates in Science History

Ultimate Science Teacher Binder

The Planet Earth Awards

I have 31 custom categories in my TpT store.  If you are looking for a particular topic, check out the list below.  Clicking on the link will list all the products I have related to that topic.


  1. Where can I buy chromatography paper? I have tried craft, office supply and art stores and no one has it available. Thank you!

  2. Chromatography paper can be purchased from any science supply company, such as Carolina Biological, Wards, Flinn Scientific, and even Amazon.

  3. Hi Amy! I have purchased a few of your products, and I absolutely love them. Could you possibly do a post about a typical day or week in your classroom? What does a day look like? How is the class period broken up? How long does it take you to get through a typical unit? Do you have an extra class period for labs or do you build it into your class time? Just curious. Thanks!

  4. Hi Amy! I have exactly the same request as CCJ. Please give us an example of a Amy week :-)
    Many thanks out of the Netherlands,