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Welcome to Amy Brown Science!  I am delighted you stopped by my blog for a visit.

If you are curious to know a little bit about me, read on.  If you hate looking at other people's photos, you better head back to the home page. Quick!

I have over 30 years of teaching experience in a large public school system.  My high school has an average population of about 1800 students. From year to year, I have taught Standard Biology 1, Honors Biology 1, Standard Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Biology II, and AP Biology. I love them all!

Teaching high school science is fun, fun, fun!  
My love is the laboratory, and I have my students in the lab as much as possible.  

My students excel on end of course exams and the AP Biology exam, for which I am very proud, but my greatest joy in teaching is that moment when I realize I have turned a kid on to science!  I get very excited when teaching, and nothing beats seeing your students getting excited along with you.  I am thrilled when my former students return home from college and tell me how much my class has helped them.

Outside of teaching school, my interests are many! Things I enjoy include:  Traveling, anything that occurs outdoors, hiking, gardening, reading, visiting a museum, and restaurants!

My teaching career has been successful, and I have enjoyed every minute in the classroom, but the thing of which I am most proud is my family.  I have been married to my wonderful husband for 32 years, and we have two absolutely incredible daughters.  I thank all of them for indulging me as we waded through swamps, searched bogs for pitcher plants, hiked farther than anyone wanted to go, snorkeled in freezing water ....

Whenever I get "itchy" to get outside, they gladly put on their hiking boots and say, "What Mom adventure are we going on now?"

A special tribute goes to my Mom.  She was a biology teacher before me, and she is responsible for all that I love about nature and science.  She is the yardstick by which I judge myself, and I can only hope that I have measured up.

And, finally, here is just a small glimpse into some of my favorite places.  I have been lucky, indeed!


  1. This looks amazing!!!! I love whale watching! It has been many years since I have done that.

  2. I love the pictures of your blog. Please could insert a language translator on the Blog.

  3. Amy, thank you for sharing a little history about yourself and your passion as a teacher and naturalist! I smiled as I saw your pictures and think about how I too do the same with my daughter, trying to show them how beautiful and interesting the natural world can be! Thanks to your mom for showing you the way :) Happy Teaching.
    From a new teacher from NYC

  4. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We are homeschooling, the reasons are many but I have a daughter (15) who is doing Biology and I want her to have as much laboratory experience as possible. I was looking for a substitute for phenol red indicator to test her DNA and I came across your page. RED CABBAGE?? Who would have known. We are giving it a go. I love science!

  5. Amy, I am having soooo much fun working on your Cell shirt. I'm really trying to personalize it for you. And as I read about you I think to myself, "We are kindred spirits" with so much in common!

    1. Hi Jody. Thanks for checking out my blog. I am supper excited about my t-shirt ( and hopefully our paths will cross in person one day.

  6. It is so encouraging to read about and see the great things other high school teacher have done. I look forward to learning from you and all that you bring to the "lab"in the area of teaching science! I have been teaching high school science for 9 years, but have so much more to learn!

  7. Hi Amy! I love your stuff and I'm always looking for new ideas. I teach 7th grade life science and like to do labs to teach each cell organelle. I am have trouble finding a lab for mitochondria and cellular respiration for their level. Do you have any suggestions? All of the labs on this topic seem to be higher level.

  8. Cellular respiration is a hard topic, and that is reflected in most labs on respiration. I have a great lab that uses red cabbage juice as an indicator for the carbon dioxide released during respiration.

    Here is the link to the lab:

  9. I actually had you for AP Biology in high school, and to this day it was my favorite class of all time! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

  10. Hi Becky!! Thank you so much for the kind words! I see your parents out and about in town from time to time. I hope you are doing well!