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Digestive System Interactive Notebook Pages and Bell Ringers

Take your students on a trip down the alimentary canal!

When covering the digestive system with my biology classes, I like to take the opportunity to teach my students about more than just the parts of the digestive tract.  I try to throw in a few "life lessons" about the importance of health, fitness, diet and exercise.  I am around a LOT of high school kids, and what they eat on a daily basis scares the weight right off of me!  It seems that my students are getting less and less exercise, and are eating more and more junk food.

As I was writing the interactive notebook / warm up pages for the digestive system, I knew I wanted to include concepts about food groups, the food pyramid, nutrients, and the importance of vitamins and minerals. This is also the perfect time to review carbohydrates, proteins and lipids.  If your curriculum flows like mine, you likely teach organic compounds near the first of the school year, and get to human body some time in the second semester.  This is a great time to review the organic compounds for the upcoming end of year tests.

This set of interactive notebook pages does all of the above and more.  The 31 student pages cover all of the topics you would expect to find in a unit on the digestive system.   You'll find a complete list of topics and titles below.  As you know from my previous posts, I have my students keep these pages in a warm up notebook.  You can also call it a "modified" interactive notebook.  It is modified in the sense that my pages are completely NO PREP.  I love the idea of interactive note booking, but I do not EVER have enough class time to do it.  Our curriculum is so jam-packed that I cannot spare one minute on the gluing, cutting or folding of paper for a notebook.  I have found this single-page format to be perfect for the amount of class time I have.

These pictures will give you a better idea of my digestive system interactive pages.  Click on any of the images to view this product in my TpT store.

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