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Matter and Change Task Cards

Provide great review and reinforcement using these "Matter and Change" task cards!

I freely admit that I am relatively new to the development and use of task cards for my high school classes.  But in the last year, I have become a convert and a die-hard fan.  I have used many review and reinforcement techniques when teaching my students and preparing them for a final assessment, but for some reason, my students have really taken to the use of these task cards.  My favorite method of use is to set up stations in the lab and have the students rotate through the stations.  My kids like this method, mostly because of the physical nature of the activity.  They have to sit in a desk all day long, so my students are very happy when I allow them to be up and moving about the room.

Another reason I think this technique is so successful is that each card has only one task or question.  For students who quickly become overwhelmed by TMI (too much information), the task cards are manageable and very goal oriented.

This particular set of task cards covers the topic of "Matter and Change" and are currently being used by the physical science and chemistry classes at my school.  The cards cover the following:

There is a varying range of difficulty in the set of 64 cards. For our physical science classes, we pulled out and used the easier task cards, and for our chemistry classes, we included the more difficult cards.  By picking and choosing, we are able to create the perfect and most appropriate review for any given class of students.

Preparation time is a minimum.  The task cards are printed 4 to a page. Simply print, cut the cards apart, laminate the cards, and you are ready to go.  I like knowing that I will be able to use the same cards year after year.

We are now nearing the end of our first grading period and we have a 9-week exam coming up.  I love having multiple sets of task cards on all the different topics for review purposes.  I keep them stored in plastic boxes and have the students select the set they feel they need to review the most.  I also provide before and after school tutoring sessions.  Task cards are fabulous for tutoring!

Click on any of the photos/pictures above to see the listing for these task cards in my store.

Task cards on other topics can be viewed by clicking this link.

I hope you are having a great school year!

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