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Who Doesn't Like Free Teaching Materials??


As teachers, this is music to our ears! Every teacher I know, spends part of every pay check buying materials for school.  We buy school supplies such as pencils and paper for those students who never seem to have either.  We buy workbooks, textbooks, and fictional books for our classroom libraries.  We buy snacks and hand over lunch money to the student who "forgot" his.  We pay to take classes and to go to workshops to make ourselves into even better teachers.  For the lab, I am constantly purchasing soap, paper towels, graph paper, colored pencils, seeds, potting soil, plants.....well, this list is never ending.

So what can you get for free??

There are quite a few blogs that offer free teaching materials for teachers.  I would like to tell you about a few that offer free materials for all ages and all subject areas.  I know that there are sure to be many more than those listed here.  But these are the ones I have been personally involved in.

1.  <------  May I start with my own freebies?  Just take a look to the left side bar.  I have a long list of items that you can download for free from my TpT store.

2.  Take a look at the blog called "The Cornerstone".  Angela puts together a monthly link up of free materials.  They are organized by grade level so you can easily find the materials you need.

3.  "Creativity in the Common Core Classroom"  features free materials that are aligned with the common core standards.  A new list of freebies is posted each and every Friday.  These, too, are organized by grade level.

4.  I am proud to be a contributor to "Classroom Freebies."  There are 100 teacher/authors contributing to this collaborative blog.  Everyday, there are so many ideas being posted.  Many are for elementary classrooms, but keep scrolling down because there are quite a few middle and high school contributors.  This blog was so popular that Charity started a second, little sister blog, called "Classroom Freebies, Too!"  It also has a hundred contributors and a tons of freebies.

5.  Next, check out "Taking Grades for Teachers."  Margaret generously features everyone's freebies, but her own, I think.  Each week, Margaret searches and finds great free, downloadable materials and features them on her blog.

I am so grateful to all of these wonderful friends who have listed many of my free items on their blogs.

Now for the biggest source of free materials??  Well, that would be  As of this writing, there are 85,319 products that are listed for free.  Click this link, then click the big button that says "FREE".

Enjoy!  And Have Fun Teaching!!


  1. Thanks so much for posting! I'm heading over to those blogs & your store now!
    Science for Kids Blog

  2. Hi Sue. Thanks for stopping by "Science Stuff". I hope you found some free materials that are suitable for your classes!

  3. Everyone loves freebies! What a great post, Amy. :) Have a great spring break! I'm soooo jealous.