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Science Skills: Scientific Notation

Scientific notation remains a mystery for many students.

These science skills have been discussed so far:
1.  Graphing
2.  Applying the Scientific Method
3.  Scientific Writing
4.  Experimental design

The next skill that I find so important is the proper use of scientific notation.  I have found that many of my students in an 11th grade chemistry class are still struggling with how to write numbers in scientific notation.  I spend a class period each year re-teaching this important skill.  Since chemistry involves the use of the very large and the very small numbers, scientific notation is a must.  Students must be able to:

  • Write numbers in scientific notation.
  • Change numbers from scientific notion to standard form.
  • Add and subtract numbers that are in scientific notation.
  • Multiply and divide numbers that are written in scientific notion.
This is a much needed skill in a high school science class.  It is well worth the time to spend a class period reviewing and reinforcing this concept.

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