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Museum of Natural History - New York City

The Museum of Natural History

My favorite place in New York City!

If you have been following this blog, then you know I have spent the last week in New York City with my incredible and wonderful family.  If you are new to these posts, then you might want to scroll down and read the earlier posts first.  

We actually returned home two days ago, but due to laundry, bill paying and extreme tiredness, I am just now getting around to my final post.  Just so you know, we are from a small town in the deep south.  We absolutely loved New York City, but it was so very different from our normal pace of life. I am so glad we visited, but even more glad to be home to my big backyard, bird feeders, flower gardens and the pond.
Hall of Biodiversity

The last day of our trip was spent at the Museum of Natural History.  I am so glad we saved this to last, because for a biology teacher, it was simply incredible.  
The invertebrates were amazing!

The first room we entered was the "Hall of Biodiversity".  All I can say is...
O . M . G . !!!  
"The Oceans" room may have
been my favorite!

We were there on a school day so there were a lot of classes visiting the museum as a field trip.  I was so impressed with the behavior of all the children!
This crab was about 6 feet across!

All of the school children were working on these wonderful handouts and worksheets.  As they moved about the museum they had to answer questions about the different displays.  The children were fascinated and I didn't hear any moaning or grumbling about the worksheets.  From what I could see, the worksheets were bright and colorful and interesting.
I do love insects!  And the insect
displays were astounding!

There were school groups of all ages.  Most of the groups were elementary children, but I did see quite a few high school groups.

Who doesn't love the dinosaurs!!!

And so this ends the posts about our New York City trip.  My daughter has just graduated from high school, and this trip was for her.  I have no idea where the last 18 years went to, or why they had to pass so fast, but each and every day was precious and I am going to miss her so much when she leaves for college!  Both of my daughters bring me such joy each day!


  1. How awesome!! And very cool pics! Andm hey, I can post a comment!! Yay!!!!

  2. What great pictures. Makes my want to go too!