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Let's Have Some "Pun"!

Fun Activity For "End of the Year" Blues

We only have one week of school left, followed by a couple of days of final exams.  My kids are antsy, hyper, jittery, tired, and generally uninterested in anything that resembles school work.  After doing battle trying to keep their attention on Friday, I decided (on a whim) to have them write a pun about biology, or anything related to science.  It was initially met with the usual round of grumbling, but after a few minutes, my students really got into this.  Some of the "puns" were really good!  And some of them were absolutely awful!!  :)  And some of them were just repeats of classic jokes we told in the 3rd grade.  Anyway, it did keep them occupied for a bit while we waited for the final bell of the day.

I thought I would post a few of the puns my students came up with.  Beware:  Some of these are sooooo bad they will cause you to moan!!  Enjoy!

What did the alga say to the fungus?  I'm lichen you!

What did the mushroom say to the pepperoni?  I'm a fun-guy!

What did the lipid say to the H2O?  You water get out of here.

What element on the periodic table describes my school day?  Boron

What do you call half of your large intestine?  A semicolon!

Beware of the guy running a scam because he mitochondria.

The teacher's lounge is full of staph.

What do you call one-millionth of a straw?  A microtubule.

What did one gene say to a neighboring gene?  Crossover and see me some time.

What does a doctor do to his patients?  He either helium or barium.

One organism's pickup line to another in a bar:  What's your phylum?

If you breath, you will respire.  If you don't breathe, you will expire.

How do you know if a cell is an egg cell or a sperm cell?  Pull down its genes.

What did one chromatid say to the other chromatid?  You've got chiasma.

What did the salt say to the water?  I solute you!

Try this with your students.  This can be done with any age group and with any subject area.
And don't forget:  The most important thing is to just have pun!

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