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The Corn Grew!

We have been out of school for a week for our Spring Break holiday.  A week prior to the break, my biology I class started growing some corn seeds for our lab, The Effect of Environment on Gene Expression.  This lab requires 2 observations after the corn starts to grow.  We did the first observation over a week ago.  Today we did the second observation, collected our data and wrote our lab reports.  We expected to get a 75%:25% ratio of green stems to albino stem.  Our actual data came very close to this.  Here are a couple of photos of the growing corn:

The students really love doing this lab.  Many of them took their corn home with them!  A good extension of this would be to do a chi-square analysis of the data.  This particular class is not prepared for that kind of data analysis, so I did not do it with this class.  Maybe next year!

After we finished the lab, we did a practice problem worksheet on Codominance and Multiple Alleles.  I am giving a quiz on these types of problems tomorrow.  Good luck everyone!

Practice Problem Worksheet on Codominance and Multiple Alleles
Quiz: Incomplete Dominance and Codominance
Quiz: Multiple Alleles and Sex-linkage