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Kids Do the Darnedest Things!

Duh! with a microscope!

We have been in school since the middle of August.  I know my students and they know me.  Things should be running smoothly by now, right?

Today I had my students in the lab doing my "intro to the microscope" lab.  By and large, the day was fine.  Most students were on task and accomplished the goals that I had set forth.  But in every class period today, I had at least one student who had a real "DUH!!" moment.  See if any of these sound familiar to you biology teachers out there:

  • Instead of using a cover slip on the microscope slide, the student uses the tissue paper that is found in-between the cover slips in the box.
  • Student says "My microscope doesn't work".  Student has failed to plug in the microscope.
  • Student turns in lab report with drawings that consist of odd looking blobs and streaks.  When questioned about this, student replies, "I didn't know you wanted us to focus the microscope."
  • Student draws their own eyelashes instead of the image of the specimen being viewed.
  • Student estimates the size of the "letter e" as being 1200 m instead of 1200 µm.
Have you got any "good ones" to add to my list?  We would love to hear from you...Leave a comment!


  1. So funny, especially about the eyelashes. I think I drew a bubble one time thinking that was what I was supposed to be looking at!

  2. These are funny. I like the one about focusing the microscope. Gotta love our kids.

    Elaina @