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Introduction to Biology

The first few weeks of a Biology or life science class are action packed.  There are so many things that have to be covered before you can begin the business of teaching a great biology class.  There are so many basic concepts to cover!  Much of the information we cover in the first weeks should be a review for the student, but we all know that not every child enters our class with the same background, and they likely forgot quite a bit over the summer break.

I begin each year with my unit called "An Introduction to Biology".  This unit covers basic concepts and and skills that will be needed for my class for the rest of the year.

Concepts covered by this unit include:

  • Laboratory Safety
  • The Themes of Biology
  • The Scientific Method
  • Tabling, Graphing and Analyzing Data
  • Early ideas about life (spontaneous generation)
  • The Characteristics of Life
  • The Compound Microscope

I have put together an entire bundled unit that contains everything you need to teach these concepts. This bundled unit contains at least 3 weeks of materials depending on how many lab activities you want to do. This unit has everything that a teacher needs to teach a unit on this topic to Biology or life science students. The unit contains 20 separate products: 2 powerpoint presentations, teacher notes, student notes, 3 labs, a jeopardy review game, 5 quizzes, a microscope homework assignment, a crossword puzzle, a pre-lab worksheet, a graphing worksheet and a unit test. 

You can find my unit in my store:

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