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Great science resource for all grades!

Good science teaching means keeping current with science news!

I am constantly on the look out for current news items that I can use in my biology and chemistry classes.  This is one of my favorite sources of science news information.  Appropriately, is it called "ScienceNews".  (Click to go to their web site.)  The articles are very well written, and most importantly from a time management standpoint, they are brief, to the point, and not overly technical.  It is a biweekly publication, and I never fail to find information that I can use in my classes.  

One of the best features is found at the top of the web page:

The sub categories are "clickable" so I can always find a useful current event in the area of science that I am currently teaching.  Notice the category called "Science News for Kids".  This area has amazing and fun things for the younger kids.

Science changes everyday.  Our textbooks contain a basic core of knowledge that we must teach our students to help them to become literate in science, but we must include the new and fascinating developments that are occurring each day if we want to grab and hold their attention.  

I hope you will check this site.  In just a few minutes you'll have something fun to tell your students!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing this resource! My students have to do current events that are due every Friday, so this will be a great place for them to search for a great current event in the field of biology!