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Teaching Viruses

How to Motivate After the "End of Course" Exam?

This is the hardest time of the year!   Students have already taken the state mandated EOC - end of course - exam.   We still have three weeks of school left.  Students are tired.  Teachers are tired.  I will not fall into the category of teacher who spends the remainder of the year watching movies.  So I continue to push onward.

What can I teach at the end of a biology course that will be practical for their life after my class?  I have decided to teach a unit on viruses and bacteria.  The student's lives will be affected by viruses and bacteria for the remainder of their life.

Trying to make thing a little more interesting, I put together this PowerPoint on Viruses and Bacteria.

I added a crossword puzzle....

And a 4 page homework assignment....

And a jeopardy review game.....

And finally a quiz.

Now I'm ready to start over with the bacteria on Thursday!

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