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I Love Summertime!

I love summertime!

Nothing is better than waking up on the first day after the last day of school!  I always wake early, and as the rest of my family slept, I sat on my deck with a cup of coffee and the newspaper.  Life is good.  School is out and I have no papers to grade this week end!  Much was accomplished today:  I took a long walk with both of my daughters, I attended the Eagle Scout ceremony for the son of a dear friend, I planted my summer flowers, I filled my bird feeders, I did some laundry, and I posted a new product to my TeachersPayTeachers store.  I really do love summertime!

My new product is a lab activity on significant digits.  Here is some information about it.

1.   To observe how accuracy of measurements is dependent upon the instrument or equipment being used.
2.   To understand how significant digits are used when making measurements.
3.   To reinforce student knowledge of the rules of significant digits.

This lab is a  fun and easy way to reinforce the concept and rules of significant digits and how they are used when making measurements.  It is easy to set up, clean up, and provides hands-on experience and practice to your students in how significant digits are used by scientists when making measurements.

The completed document contains:

1)  A five-page handout for the student that is ready to be copied and passed out.  A five-page handout for the instructor containing answers and teaching instructions / tips.

2)  Student handouts include title, introduction, purpose, materials list, safety precautions, procedure, data tables, “analyzing the data” section, and final observations.

3)  Students will make measurements using instruments of various precisions and accuracies.  All measurements will be made using the correct number of significant digits.  Students will use these measurements in various calculations and calculate the percent error.

4)  Students will answer questions about the rules of significant digits.

5)  Practice problems are provided:  Students will determine how many significant digits are in a measurement, students will write numbers to an indicated number of significant digits, students will round numbers to an indicated number of significant digits, students will add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers and report their answers to the correct number of significant digits.

6)  Complete answer key is provided.

7)  “Instructor pages” include directions for the teacher and teaching tips to make the implementation of this activity more efficient and more effective for the students.

8)  The "handout from your instructor" showing three different rulers that was mentioned in the materials list is included in your download as a jpeg photo.

Here is the link to my new product:  Significant Digits Lab - Hands-On Reinforcement and Practice.


  1. So JEALOUS!!! We're in school until June 30th. Just wanted to tell you that I think the cover page for your new product is fantastic!

  2. Congratulations on a year well done! I hope you stay motivated and productive throughout the whole summer; i tend to always become complacent after a few weeks
    Jeremiah Dyke

  3. In school until June 30th? YIKES! We do get out early, but we start back the first week in August. Thanks for your comment about my cover page!