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The Diversity of Life - Simply Amazing

If you read my post yesterday, then you know how excited I get about classification, taxonomy, and the diversity of life.  Everyday I find something in nature that simply amazes me.  Today I thought I would share a few of my teaching resources.  

These are a few slides from the PowerPoint presentation that I wrote for my classes.  There are 49 slides that will take us through the entire unit.

Topics covered:  The history of classification, Aristotle, Linnaeus, binomial nomenclature, modern systems of classification, cladistics, phylogeny, barriers between the species, dichotomous classification keys, and more.

The 49 slide Powerpoint also comes with a set of notes for the teacher and a set of notes for the student.  The student notes are in outline form.  The student fills in their copy of the notes as I move through the PowerPoint.

You can view the powerpoint here.

Last Friday, I had my classes doing this neat little activity.  It is called "Let's Build a Cladogram".

The student is given pictures of several different animals.  They have to determine which derived characters these animals share, and then place these animals on a cladogram. My students really enjoy this activity.

Let's Build A Cladogram!

Sorry for this shameless advertising today, but the absolute best deal is a bundled unit plan that includes all of my classification and taxonomy products:

 Classification and Taxonomy Complete Unit Plan.

It has 11 products.   This unit has everything that a Biology teacher needs to teach a unit on classification and taxonomy to Biology I students.  This unit is also very appropriate for middle school students. You will receive:
1) A 49 slide Powerpoint Presentation
2) Teacher Notes
3) Student Notes to be filled in as the powerpoint is presented
4) 2 Homework Assignments
5) 1 Quiz
6) 4 Labs / Activities
7) 1 Jeopardy Review Game
8) 1 Crossword Puzzle
9) 1 Unit Test

All answers are included.

Happy Teaching as we near the end of another school year!

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