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Teachers Helping Teachers

What happens when hundreds of wonderful TpT sellers decide that a fellow teacher is in need? 

A MASSIVE fundraiser happens! That's what!
We call it Teachers Helping Teachers, and it came about after TpT teacher-authors heard the story of Diana Salmon, a New York teacher who lost a leg in a tragic hit and run accident.
Diana is an inspiration to all who know her, sending a message of strength and resilience by returning to the classroom just months after the accident.
Unfortunately, the extensive injuries Diana sustained require an expensive bionic knee for her to be at her dynamic best. This is where Teachers Helping Teachers comes in.
Diana's fundraising store, Bionic Teacher, is now the home of TEN limited edition resource bundles promising HUGE savings to all who purchase one. There is a bundle for everyone, and they all contain the most amazing products from top sellers! Best yet, 100% of the profits go to Diana's fund!
Visit Bionic Teacher, download the freebie for Diana's Story, and take a look at the bundles. You will be happy you did!
Click image to view Science Bundle

The bundle for secondary science teachers is awesome!!  Twelve products were donated to this incredible bundle.  The value of the bundle is over $80, but for this fundraiser for Diana it is being offered at only $25.

All of this is included in the bundle:
Common Core Reading Science & Technical Subjects Graphic Organizers for Grades 6-12 Tracee Orman
Ecology BINGO (7-12) Science Rocks
Editable Substitute Teacher Binder for Science (7-12) Utah Roots
Element Superhero Project- Periodic Table Research (5-9) ScienceisFun
Human Body Interactive Notebook Activity Pack for Life Science & Biology (5-10)Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy
Important American Scientists & Inventors Biography Centers Set (5-11) Michele Luck’s Social Studies
Life Science Task Card Bundle Think Tickets for Science Exploration (5-10) Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy
Matter Review Poster (5-6) Kate’s Classroom Cafe
Plate Tectonics Interactive Notebook Unit (Earth Science) (8-11) 4mulaFun
Root Words Word Wall (5-12) Biology Roots
Plate Tectonics/ Earthquakes/ Volcanoes ~ Graphic Organizer Bundle (8-12) Addie Williams
NO PREP Interactive Biology Notebook Pages or Warm Ups: Intro to Science Unit (7-11) Science Stuff

Help us help a fellow teacher in need!  Thanks for your support!

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