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Alberta Canada Flood Relief - Teachers Helping Teachers! Please Join the Relief Effort!

Nearly 100 teachers who sell their products on have donated their products to assist in the flood relief in Alberta Canada.  

It works like this.  There are three possible bundles of products that you can buy from TpT.  

Grade K-2 Bundle containing 32 products (Valued at $165.99.)

Grade 3-5 Bundle containing 34 products (Valued at $183.89)

Grade 6-12 Bundle containing 33 products  (Valued at $149.76)

Each bundle sells for $25.00

Bundles available only between July1- July 14.

100% of the purchase price is being donated to the Red Cross and being earmarked to help teachers and schools in the devastated areas.

I hope that you will consider this worthwhile cause by purchasing a bundle of products for the grade level you teach.

It is very difficult to put together a bundle of products for grades 6-12 due to the wide range of specialized areas we teach.  I understand that a science teacher would not be interested in the products for ELA and vice versa.  However, even if there are only a few products you can use, you have made a HUGE contribution to people in need.  

Please help!

The links to the products are above in RED.  Prior to purchase you can download a FREE preview to see all of the teaching materials that are included.

I have donated my Scientific Method Task Cards for the 6-12 bundle.  Below you see a few pages from the preview.  My images only show 6 of the 33 products that are included.  Please download the entire preview to see all materials included.

Thanks so much for your help!!

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