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My Daughter is in Costa Rica and All I Got Was......

My daughter is in Costa Rica and all I got was an email and these pictures!!

Kids today have opportunities available to them that I could only dream about when I was their age!  I am so super excited for my daughter for having the opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica this summer.

(Sweetie, if you are reading this, I am just kidding about the title!!)  My daughter has been in Costa Rica for only one day and is already sending me amazing information and photos.  Within hours of landing at the airport, she was already in the classroom.  From her email, "Our teacher is an electrical engineer who worked for various wind and geothermal plants in Costa Rica.  Our first class covered the history and basics of electricity as well as the basics of the standard power grid."   It thrills me that my daughter is interested in "green energy" and ways to protect our environment.

The biology teacher in me was very excited when she sent me this picture!

Notice that the ant is carrying this entire leaf in its jaws!  The ants are amazing creatures.   I actually have an old blog post on ants that contains some really interesting information.  (Click here to read about ants!)

To my sweet baby..... Have a wonderful and glorious trip!!

To my readers..... Here are a few closing photos from Costa Rica

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