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YIKES!! The AP Biology Exam is Tomorrow!!

I guess I should calm down now.  It is Sunday, Mother's Day, and the day before the AP Biology Exam.  I should calm down, but my nerves are a wreck.  There is nothing more that I can do today to help my students.  I feel out of control because it is no longer in my hands.

I have 81 students who will be sitting for the exam in just about 24 hours from now.  They are a GREAT bunch of kids!!  I have worked them to death this year, and I never heard a single complaint from them.  They are a hard working bunch and they want to do well on the exam.

But who knows exactly what this new AP exam will be like??  We have worked many a math problem and I feel really good about that portion of the exam.   I am a bit (no, a lot!) nervous about only having 63 multiple choice questions, and I sure hope I have adequately prepared my students for the newly revised free response section.

I have a competitive personality.  I know this is not MY exam score, but the student's exam score.  But after working as hard as we have worked this year, I NEED the satisfaction of knowing that all of the hard work has paid off.  I'll be on pins and needles until those scores come in.

We still have 2 weeks of school left after the AP exam.  I really LOVE this time of the year.  My now "old" students will help me pass out books and summer assignments to the "new" students coming in next year.  We will walk up to the pond next to our school and feed the gazillion turtles that live there.  And watching the movie, GATTACA is always a favorite end of the year treat.

Good luck to all of my students on the exam tomorrow!!  Make me proud!!

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