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Dollar Days are Here at The Lesson Cloud!

The Sale Has Begun!!

To celebrate "Back to School" The Lesson Cloud is bringing you a "Dollar Days Sale".  Each teacher/author has chosen 5 to 7 of their products and slashed the price to either $1 or $2.  This is our way of helping you have a great start to the new school year.

A linky has been set up on The Lesson Cloud so that you will know exactly which products are on sale.  They are arranged by grade level to help you find exactly what you need.

Here's the link to the sale products:  
Dollar Days Linky

But wait!  There's more!

The Lesson Cloud was recently named the winner of the Really Good Stuff Education Award given by Really Good Stuff.  We are giving away a $75 gift card to Really Good Stuff!  Details for how to enter are found at the bottom of the linky link.

I have decided to include 6 of my products in the Dollar Days sale.  Hopefully, these are materials that can be used near the beginning of the school year in your biology or life science class:

Tabling, Graphing and Analyzing Data is an in-depth lesson on creating data tables, learning to interpret graphs, and learning to construct graphs of all types. It includes a 31-slide PowerPoint presentation that is colorful, informative and visually stimulating, 6 pages of notes for the teacher, and a 6 page notes outline for the students.  Dollar Days price is $2.

Science Skills Lab: Student Designed Lab in Applying Scientific Method is an activity that teaches the student how to design and implement a controlled experiment.  Dollar Days price is $1.

Cell Structure PowerPoint with Notes for Teacher and Student includes a 71 slide powerpoint presentation, a copy of notes for the teacher (14 pages), and a copy of the notes for the student (15 pages). Dollar Days price is $2.

Lab Safety PowerPoint with Notes for Teacher and Student includes a 30-slide PowerPoint, five pages of notes for the teacher and a 5-page notes outline for the student to use during instruction.  Dollar Days price is $1.

Matter and Change PowerPoint and Notes is for the physical science students.  It has 37-slides and also includes notes for the teacher and the student.  Dollar Days price is $2.00.

Measurement Madness:  This product reminds the student how to properly use a metric ruler and how to convert between metric system and English system units. Statistics found in fun animals facts are used as problems to reinforcement conversion between units. Dollar Days price is $1.

Have a great school year!

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