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Middle and High School New Year Blog Party! Please link up and share!

My good friend, Kristen, over at Secondary Solutions is having the most fabulous linky party!!

Are you looking for a blog about a specific subject area or grade level??  If so, check out Kristen's linky party.  All of the links are to middle and high school teaching blogs.

The teacher blogging world is packed with elementary blogs.  It is sometimes very hard to find a good blog for a middle or high school subject area.  Let's see how many links we can get posted here.  If you are the author of a middle or high school teaching blog, be sure to add your own blog to the appropriate list!

Come on high school teachers of science!  There are hardly any blogs listed for high school science.  There are some excellent blogs listed for middle school science.

Happy Teaching!


  1. Thank you for posting this! I agree - it is so difficult to find high school teaching blogs.

  2. H! I'm Melissa, a fellow blogger, science teacher, and avid reader of your awesome blog! Mine is ( I'm a finalist in a wedding contest in STL and need all of the help I can get from the blogging and teaching community to win! You can vote for me and my fiance Kolby(Couple3) unlimited here through Sunday night at 9:00 PM and text COUPLE3 to 59898 up to ten times a day for free! If you could vote, pass on to your readers/coworkers/facebook/anyone you know...a fellow teacher would appreciate it! :)