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Snake in My House? Really?

You know I'm a nature lover, but this is going a bit too far!!

When I staggered out of bed this morning, I thought I was still dreaming.  This water moccasin was making its way across the floor of my den!  I realize there is no frame of reference, so you will have to trust me on this.... this snake is about 20 inches long.  Now, in Tennessee, we grow our water moccasins really BIG!  This one is really just a baby.  However, I still did not want it to be co-habitating with me in my house.  

I do not like killing living things....even poisonous water moccasins.  The snake cannot help being a snake.  Its DNA makes it so.  So the next problem was how to get it out of my house without hurting it, and most importantly, how to catch it before it found some way to hide INSIDE my house!

Here's the solution:

My husband grabbed it up with some BBQ tongs and flipped it into this deep plastic garbage can.

We took it down by the pond at the edge of our property and let it go.  

I don't know who was happier....the snake being set free or me knowing it was out of my house!!

Just another day in the life of a biology teacher!


Jaci said...

Oh my! Glad you captured the visitor. Loved the BBQ tong solution.

I've got one for you... I found a sugar glider IN MY BED at 4:00 AM one morning/night last spring. Didn't know what it was...captured it by throwing a large towel over it and let it go in the backyard. Then I learned it was probably a released pet. Sad.

Amazingly, a week later it was back... trapped in a "cereal" container that I keep sunflower seeds in for the bird feeders. After a week of neighborhood posters (and being bitten a few times - OUCH!) found "Blake" a home with someone wanting a second glider. Happy ending for all!

Amy (aka Science Stuff) said...

Well, I am sure glad i didn't find the snake in my bed at 4:00 am!!!

Jaci said...

No doubt!! Something slithering across my legs would have been an early wake up for the neighborhood!!

Kim said...

Hi Amy:

I found a Southern Pacific Rattlesnake in my bedroom after I had been living in my new house for a week. I called the police (???) and they arrived and wanted to SHOOT IT--at 5 in the morning! (Talked him out of that one!)
Let's just say I walked around quite carefully for a while!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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