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Science Skills: 51 products/lessons on one CD

May 2014 Update:  Now available as a digital download.  "Science Skills Mega-Bundle!"

Click picture for details.

If the student knows the skills and can apply them, they can easily master the facts!

After many years of teaching, I have come to realize that what my students need the most is a solid foundation in the science skills. If I can teach them the skills of science, then the rest of my school year flows along very nicely.  In my science classes, I have always tried to emphasize "thinking over memorizing", and I believe the materials on this CD do just that.  All biology teachers know that biology does require some memorization of facts.  Let's face it....the student has to memorize the parts of the cell and their functions.  But I quickly start asking questions that require the students to think and to problem solve.  Examples:  How is the structure of the mitochondria related to its function?  As transport vesicles bud from the Golgi, what is their destination and why is this important to the functioning of the cell?

This CD contains all of my lessons (51 files) on a variety of skills used in a science class. These materials can be used in any type of science class. They are directed primarily at grades 7 through 10, but can easily be adapted for other grade levels. Teaching materials will include: PowerPoint presentations, notes for teacher, notes for student, labs, worksheets, quizzes, homework assignments, practice worksheets, Jeopardy review games, crossword puzzles and unit tests. 

When appropriate, all materials will be found in two formats: An editable Word document as well as a pdf of the product. 

Answer keys will be included for every lesson or activity.

The 51 files on the CD cover the following topics: 
Metric System
The Scientific Method
Scientific Notation
Significant Digits
Lab Safety
Use of Lab Equipment
Biological Prefixes and Suffixes
Comparing and Contrasting
Student Designed Experiments
Scientific Writing/Experimental Design

The 51 files on the CD include:
7 PowerPoint presentations
6 Sets of Notes for Teacher
6 Sets of Notes for Student
6 Quizzes
9 Lab Activities
4 Homework Assignments
9 Practice Problem Worksheets
2 Jeopardy Review Games
1 Crossword Puzzle
1 Unit Test

Here is the link to the CD.   I hope that you will download the free preview. 

Science Skills CD

Thanks for taking the time to consider this product. Happy Teaching!

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