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This post is going to be short, and to the point.  Teachers are really struggling these days under new systems of evaluation that are supposed to measure "how effective" the teacher is.  The system in many states in horribly flawed.  In the new evaluation system in my state, 50% of the teacher evaluation comes from student test scores.  I am saddened to think that many teachers will now just "teach to the test".  All creativity and uniqueness of individual teaching will fly right out the window.  And do you know what happens to teachers (band directors, librarians, foreign language teachers, etc)  who don't generate any student test scores?  50% of their evaluation will be based on the entire school's average in student test scores.  These teachers will be "evaluated" using data that they had no part in producing.

I recently came across this blog.  I really like what the author has to say.  If you are a teacher, you should hop on over and read these articles.  It will strike home with all of you, I am sure.

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