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Pinterest: Are you pinning yet?

It's a huge electronic bulletin board!

I have just discovered "Pinterest" and I have become totally captivated by it.  It is not the sort of thing that I usually take an interest in, but I have to admit, this is really fun.

I have known about Pinterest for about a month.  I took a quick look at it and decided it wasn't something that I wanted to do.  Last night a friend encouraged me to give it another go, and after about 30 minutes, I became an addict.

Let me see if I can explain how it works.....
--Do you ever look at bulletin boards that are in public places, like your teacher's lounge, the library, or your church?  Then you are going to love Pinterest!
--Do you use a lot of sticky notes for various bits of information?  Then you are going to love Pinterest!
--Has your internet bookmark list become too long to manage?  The you are going to love Pinterest!

In a very short period to time, here is what you can do on Pinterest and what Pinterest can do for you:

  • Set up as many boards as you want.  
  • Organize your boards with a particular theme, such as "Blogs I Love to Visit" or "My Daily News Sources" or "Decorating Ideas for my House" or "Recipes".  Are you getting the idea?
  • Install the "Pin it" button on your toolbar.  (It is super easy to do!) Whenever you are visiting a site that you like and want to remember for later, just click "pin it" and you can save the site to any board you like.
  • Your boards are public and other people can see them.  If someone sees something on your board they like, they can re-pin it to one of their own boards.
  • This is a great tool if you are trying to spread the word about something.  For example:  You might place a link to your blog or web site on one of your boards.  If someone else re-pins it to their board, your message has now spread to all who follow the other person.
  • You can search other boards for areas of interest to you.  For example, I might search for "biology teachers".  I can then follow these people I have found, or look at their boards to see what neat stuff they have pinned there.

I encourage you to give Pinterest a try.  Once you are a member (or if you are already a member) how about joining the Pinterest Linky Party?  Michelle of "Michelle's Math in the Middle" is hosting a linky party.  Join the party and follow all the others who are in the party.  Let's see how many followers we can get to our boards!


Tara said...

Another crazy addiction on top of my blogging!!! It's nuts, but love it:))

4th Grade Frolics

Michelle Lundy said...

Thank you so much for linking up with my party, Amy! You rock!