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Arrival Day!

Yay!  We're here!

 We arrived at our log cabin in the early afternoon.  As soon as we stepped out of the car, we could smell the wonderful smell of balsam. 

First order of business:  Say hello to the lake!

It was a bit cloudy, so the incredible blue color of the lake did not come through in the photo.

Old friends were on hand to meet us.  A pair of deer were eating cedar next to our cabin.

Technical difficulty:  I forgot to pack my camera cord.  These pics were taken with my phone.  I am going to drive in to town today, and will try to locate a camera cord.  It is doubtful that I will find one as the nearest town has a population of about 500.  There is a grocery store, a drug store and a hardware store.    Oh….and a bar! 
I am going to be really disappointed if I have to use my phone camera this entire trip!  The wildflowers are beautiful right now, so I hope to make my next post “Wildflowers of the U.P.!”

Stay tuned….

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