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I'm Off to the U.P.!!

This is my paradise!!

This morning at 4 am I got in my car with the husband and two daughters and started driving north.  At 5 pm we stopped in Lansing, Michigan to spend the night.  I am writing to you from a hotel room, in anticipation of tomorrow, when I will arrive at my favorite place on earth ..... a small log cabin on the shores of Lake Huron in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  Some of you may recognize this bridge.  It is the Mackinac Bridge that leads to the U.P.  Before lunch tomorrow, I'll be crossing this bridge!

In 1903, my great-grandfather built a log cabin on the shores of Lake Huron.  It is to this same log cabin that I make my yearly summer visit.  Fortunately, it has remained in our family since 1903, and thankfully, it has been "modernized" to some small degree.  Let's give a big shout out for indoor plumbing!!  YAY!!

The only drawback???  We live just about 1000 miles from the cabin.  Whew! It was a long day in the car today!

It is a biology teacher's slice of heaven on earth.  Since I have been blogging only a few short months, I am excited about posting on my blog while at the cabin.  Well, actually I can't post from the cabin.  We have no phone, TV, or internet!  But each day I can go in to town (about 20 miles from the cabin) and visit the small library there.  That's where I'll upload my posts.

For those of you who have read my blog before, you know that I absolutely love nature.  I plan on posting a series of articles about all the biologically amazing things that I encounter this summer.  So stay tuned for .......
Liverwort day!    Pitcher plant day!   Wildflower day! Gymnosperm day!  Leech day!   Bird day!  Frog and tadpole day!  Rock day!  Butterfly day!    Okay, I confess that I will probably not get this many articles written.  I'll start taking pictures as soon as we unpack, and I will write about "whatever pictures" come out the best!

Stay tuned!

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