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Day 5 of New York City

It just gets better and better!

We are really learning a lot about how to get around the city and are getting very confident as we move about the city.  We bought subway passes and have actually done very well using the subway.  This city is just amazing, but I am beginning to miss home.  "Home" has far fewer people, very clean air, no traffic, and the pace is slow and easy.  But, this has been one of the best trips we have taken, and we travel quite a bit.  Last night, I was too tired to post about the day.  The events below actually took place on Sunday.

We started the day at the "Museum of Modern Art".  This is a place that I wasn't too thrilled about visiting, but told the family we have to give it a try.  I was very pleasantly surprised!  I knew I wanted to see the Van Gogh's, Warhol's, Dali's, etc., but I found that I really enjoyed the rest, too.  I thought it would be just a bunch of crazy stuff, but I really, really enjoyed it!  (Sorry if I just offended you art lovers.)  "Starry Nights" was incredible!!!

Our entire day was spent on Fifth Avenue.  After leaving the museum, we headed down 5th Avenue toward the Empire State Building.  We made a few stops along the way, like Cartier and the American Girl Doll Store!

We stopped again when we reached the New York Public Library.  I have no words to describe how beautiful this building is...JUST WOW!!  The exhibits were awesome:  A Guggenheim Bible, original manuscripts by Beethoven, and my favorite, original Audubon prints.

Continuing down 5th Avenue, the next stop was the Empire State Building.  This was a lot of fun.  The view is incredible.  We had an "audio tour" that was very informative.  You stood in different places and it would tell you what you were seeing.  The cars and people down below looked like ants!

I realize these last few posts have not illustrated the best in writing skills.  I am always so pressed for time to get the events posted.  Even if no one is reading all of this, I am excited to know that I have a recorded log of our trip.  It will be fun to look back at these posts after we get home.  Gotta go now....the Museum of Natural History is calling my name!

1 comment:

Tracee Orman said...

What an amazing trip! I am very jealous. And even jealous of you going to MoMA! Ever since I had to do a five-year stint teaching art history, I have fallen in love with art (I never thought I would, but it fascinates me). So glad you had an awesome time!