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Day 4 of New York City

We had another terrific day in the Big Apple!  We had some really exciting news today.  I posted yesterday that we went very early in the morning to the taping of the Today show.  Well, today we heard from friends back home.  They called to tell us that they had seen us on TV!  We were very excited.

Since we had such a long day yesterday, we slept in really late this morning.  We left our hotel around lunchtime and went back to John's Pizza for another delicious pizza.  Out plan was to spend today in Central Park.  We decided to give the subway a try.  We managed to use the subway in both directions very easily.  We feel like pros now.

Central Park was a lot of fun!  We found the fountain where the movie "Enchanted" was filmed.  This is one of our family favorites.  

Since this blog is supposed to be about biology teaching, I thought I'd throw in a little biology!  : )   We found a place in a pond where about a million turtles live.  People were feeding them all sorts of crazy things.  This turtle is the biggest turtle I have ever seen.  It's shell was about the size of a laundry hamper!  

We rented bikes and rode the entire perimeter of Central Park...about 6.5 miles.

We ended the day by seeing "Wicked", which was truly an amazing production.  We had NewYork cheesecake for dessert after the show.  

The only other thing that is biologically related that I can report is that we saw a man walking around Times Square with a rat on his shoulder.  Not a mouse, but a HUGE rat!   

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